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Some much needed good food and fun after days of voting on constitutional ammendments

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On Jun 23 2010 @ 10:10, April Williams said: |

I have to say as a “Newbie” to the OPSEU process and experiencing the convention, it was an experience.

The representatives from Local 245 along with other OPSEU members closed down University for an hour over lunch on May 6th demanding that the part-timers ballots be cancelled. With signs and loud voices we sent a message that day!

In the evening it was great to get to know your fellow Sheridan colleagues over dinner or time in the hospitality rooms. Region 2 definately put on a great show on Wednesday night, and Friday night’s comedian night ended off the week on a good note.

Much was done with the constution, and much more will need to be done. Debates will continue.

Thank you all for voting me to attend as an alternate. I truly appreciate it. I look forward to participating more in the local and going to future educational events.
April, Davis Campus

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