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  • Delta Meadowvale
  • 6750 Mississauga Road – just south of the 401
  • Mississauga, ON
  • Phone: 1-800-422-8238
  • Fax: 1-905-542-4036

Room rates: Double/single $109.00 plus taxes

Shared with another member $54.50 plus taxes

What you need to do:

  1. Complete the necessary forms and return to the Owen Sound Regional Office
  2. Call/fax the hotel and book your room before September 15, 2010

To register download the necessary registration forms

Course List:

  • Stewards 1: Making a Difference in the Workplace
  • Stewards 2: Facing the Employer, Building Member Involvement
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) – Level 1
  • Benefits (OPS)
  • Duty to Accommodate:  A Tool for Inclusive Workplaces
  • Let’s Start Meeting Like This!  Running Meetings that Build the Union

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Main agenda items for the meeting will be to elect from the steward body, your officers of the Local. These are two year terms and we have just concluded the previous term of office. We will also be electing two members who are not stewards as trustees of the Local.

The second main agenda item will be to elect from the membership, delegates, alternates and observers to the annual OPSEU Convention which is held in Toronto. This year it is also being held a little later than usual being May 6 to 8, 2010.

Given that our GMM is being held around the normal dinner time, the Local will be providing food and beverages. (also to be confirmed but it is usually pizza and pop)

Monday March 22

TrafalgarRoad Campus Room G404

1430 Trafalgar Road

Oakville, ON

L6H 2L1

Start time will be 5:30 p.m.

Click here for a Google Map of the location.

Need a ride? Ask a steward. You can find contact information on the Stewards page.

Frederick Oliver, V P Communications Local 24

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October 17 – 18

OPSEU Reigon 2 Educational

A two day event where you can learn the basics or improve your skills.Plan to attend both days.

Courses offered:

  • Stewardship A
  • Stewardship B
  • Organize! The nitty gritty of an organizing campaign
  • Advanced grievance handling
  • WSIB 2
  • Duty to Accommodate

The union pays for your accommodation, meals and travel. If you have kids, they also have childcare but you need to register in advance.

The hotel rooms are based on shared accommodation, but our local 245 will pick up the other 1/2 of the room so you can have a single accommodation, or bring somebody if you like.

What you need to do:

  1. Complete the necessary forms and return to the Owen Sound Regional Office:
    Before: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 11, 2009
    Fax: 519-371-4967
    Mail: 1717 2nd Ave East, Suite 100
    Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 6V4
  2. Call/fax the hotel and book your room before September 11, 2009!!

Meadowvale Delta
South Studio 2
L5N 2L3

Click here for a Google Map of the location.

Need a ride? Ask a steward. You can find contact information on the OPSEU245 Stewardspage.

Frederick Oliver, V P Communications Local 245

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Once again, it is time for the annual

Labour Day Parade/Family Picnic

OPSEU members and guests will be lining up starting at 9:30 am  between Ray and Queen St. on York Blvd. in Hamilton. The parade is to start at 10:30. Picnic to follow at Dundurn Park.

Free barbecue, t-shirts (first come basis), prizes for kids and adults, and fun, fun, fun for everyone!

Don’t miss out on the musical performances and special guest speakers!!

Click here for a Google Map of the location.

Need a ride? Ask a steward. You can find contact information on the OPSEU245 Stewards page.

Frederick Oliver, V P Communications Local 245

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This week your Local 245 requested the use of college property to engage in a legitimate union activity. The request was made, as is usual, in conformance with our Collective Agreement.

After some delay Sheridan HR replied, “… the college is not prepared to allow the use of College property for this purpose.”

Jay Jackson, your OPSEU Local 245 President was quite surprised by the college’s response saying “This is the first time ever that the employer has denied OPSEU space on college property to hold union activities.”

We received no explanation and dare not speculate as to why this request was denied. I’ll leave it to you, the membership, to draw your own conclusions.

Rest assured the event will be held regardless. Stay tuned.

Frederick Oliver VP Communications OPSEU Local 245

This is my first installment on what I hope to be an informative blog as your local President.  Your Executive is enthused and ready to go also.

Part Time Campaign:   I hear the part-time college workers organizing campaign is really picking up steam, and will be moving into the next phase very soon.  Currently card signing is coming to a conclusion and efforts are being made to have the Council of Compensation and Appointments provide voluntary recognition.  Also the Union is lobbying the provincial government to bring forth amends to the College’s Collective Bargaining Act in order to right this now legally declared wrong by the Supreme Court of Canada that bars part time workers from forming a union.

Collective Bargaining:  Well, it has begun with the view to renew our current collective agreement which expires August 31st of this year.  You can read the more detailed information on this web site and also you will be seeing the local’s mobilizers on the workplace speaking to you in small groups and individually.  We have done this before and it has proven to be very successful in assisting with the bargaining goals the membership has mandated our bargaining team to achieve.

Knowing your Contract:   I know probably most of you do not carry around your collective agreement all the times, checking and/or confirming if the employer is managing within the rules they have agreed to.  As part of this ongoing blog, I will be writing about certain articles in the agreement that seem to be questioned more than others.  Given the very public nature of a blog, anything I write will be on a without prejudice basis since I would not want the employer producing this blog in a future arbitration.

Day of Mourning:  This April 28, is the National Day of Mourning.  More than twenty years ago the Canadian Labour Congress declared April 28 a National Day of Mourning for workers who have been killed, suffer disease or injury as a result of work. Every year since, unions, labour councils, families and community partners gather by the thousands to ‘mourn for the dead’. What began through the efforts of Canada’s labour movement is now observed in more than 100 countries. This nationally recognized day locally is recognized at the monument in downtown Oakville by the main library at 6pm.  Local 245 annually lays a wreath at the ceremony along with other labour unions.  Following the formal portion of the event, refreshments and food will be served.  See you there!

Jay Jackson