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Sheridan Support Staff's Local  
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Name Office Held   Email
Nancy Heath President   steward.local245@gmail.com
Jay Jackson Past President (Ex Officio)   union2@cogeco.ca
Kristen Harper 1st VP   we.own.it245@gmail.com
April Williams 2nd VP Membership   yourvpmembership@gmail.com
Victoria Rodrigues 3rd VP JE Grievances   victoria.local245@gmail.com
Liz Riolo OH&S Davis 4th VP H&S OH&S DAVIS & RTW Specialist   lizspix05@gmail.com
Fred Oliver 5th VP Communications   frederick_oliver@yahoo.ca
Mary Cator Chief Steward   marycator@gmail.com
Melissa Friesen Secretary   melissa.friesen1@sheridanc.on.ca
Ruth McClelland OH&S Davis Treasurer   ruthmcclelland15@gmail.com
Evelyn Shoemaker PT Organizer   pt.opseu245@gmail.com
Stewards at Large
Carlos Garcia OH&S TRA Stewards at Large OH&S TRAF & RTW Specialist   cg.garcic@gmail.com
Ray Dube OH&S TRA Stewards at Large   raydube.opseu245@gmail.com
Samy El Sayed Stewards at Large   samy.abdelsayed@sheridancollege.ca
Chris Lennon Stewards at Large   chris.lennon.42@gmail.com
Roger Bankuti Stewards at Large   rogerbankutiz@gmail.com
Wayne (Mac) MacPherson Stewards at Large   wayne.macpherson@sheridanc.on.ca
Samir Muhamedagic Stewards at Large   samirm75@hotmail.com
Cristian Lita Stewards at Large   cristian.lita@sheridancollege.ca
Liz Glavan Stewards at Large   liz.glavan@uoit.net
Amanda Halls Stewards at Large   amanda.halls1@sheridancollege.ca
Marisa Kurc Stewards at Large   marisalini77@hotmail.com
Darko Radman Stewards at Large   crnirus@gmail.com
Kelly Deacon Stewards at Large   kelly.deacon@sheridanc.on.ca
Deb Bright Stewards at Large   deborahkryky@gmail.com
Leslie Waddell Stewards at Large   leslie.waddell@sheridanc.on.ca
(Trustees are not Stewards and provide financial oversight for the Local as per the OPSEU Constitution)
Kuljinder Lall Trustee   kuljinder.lall1@sheridancollege.ca
Judy Garcia Trustee   judy.garcia@sheridanc.on.ca
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